Mit diesem Firmwareupdate 01-17-100317-15-POP-403-000  wird die Firmware 01-17-091202-15-POP-403-000 ersetzt. In den Release-Notes finden sich bezüglich dieses Updates die folgenden Hinweise:

  1. Requires NMT apps 00-17-091216-15-POP-403
  2. Fixed file copy over 4GB from FAT filesystem will hang
  3. Added show % during for firmware update download
  4. New Transmission BT client 1.75 (need new NMT app installed)
  5. Added trickmode (pause, FF, volume) for RTSP, where applicable
  6. Add special characters handling for WiFi SSID
  7. Added Shoutcast Internet radio
  8. Fixed NFS cannot read some folders when root level contain many folders
  9. Added Arabic (CP1256) external subtitle support.
  10. Fixed colorspace for SD/HD file playback
  11. Added missing Slovenian subtitle language
  12. Fixed IDX/SUB data decoding error causing garbled rendering with certain files
  13. Fixed: IDX/SUB with multiple languages