Soeben habe ich mich mal wieder nach einem Firmware-Update für das Conceptronic CH3SNAS umgesehen und festgestellt, dass die Version 1.3 erschienen ist.

Download via HTTP: Link  Download via FTP: Link

Die Bugfixes im Überblick:

  • Stop at 94% issue: Due to various issues some pre-formatted hard disks are unable to complete the formatting process and stop at 94%.
  • When using scheduled backup in combination with Windows Vista it is not possible to remove files or folders in any way afterwards.
  • No login pop-up window appears when using non-anonymous account login to the FTP Server.
  • When moving a hard disk from one unit to another formatting is needed.
  • Added a ‘Skip’ button to skip formatting of a hard disk. This is to prevent data loss by formatting the wrong disk.
  • Added 60 and 120 minutes options to Power Management.
  • Hard disk cannot go into idle / sleep mode. For this function a reset to factory defaults is needed. After this you should reboot the CH3SNAS and reconfigure all options manually for good functionality.
  • It was not possible to remove a network share through the web interface
  • HDD_1 cannot go to sleep in RAID 1.
  • Removed the ‘Refresh’ button and Auto Refresh Timer from the UPnP AV Server GUI. The UPnP AV Server is now instantly updated when files are copied to it (except when using FTP).
  • DHCP Server issue offering IP address to client.
  • Changed cramfs into SquashFS.
  • Fun_plug does not work on sdb2.
  • Data corruption (files getting bigger) when storing data with alternative tools like Total Commander.

Die Neuerungen im Überblick:

  • PlayStation 3 support.
  • Longer password support for ‘user password’ and device ‘login password’. This can now be longer than 8 characters.
  • NFS Server modules added to apply ‘Fun Plug(s)’.
  • Fun_Plug usage: FTP Server with –O (logging).
  • Fun_Plug usage: NFSv3 enabled.
  • IP address as mapping method instead of just using ‘share name’.
  • Support for Jumbo Frames. - The MTU value can be changed from 3000 to 9000.
  • Central European codepage support for FTP Server
  • PureFTP SSL support.
  • PureFTP MDTM support.
  • PureFTP SIZE support.
  • Scandisk returned (beta functionality).

Die genauen Texte kann man im Zip-Archiv der EN_CH3SNAS_FW_UPD_v1.03.pdf entnehmen.