BIGTREETECH EBB36 CAN bus connector

When i received the EBB36* of BIGTREETECH i slowly built up all the connections towards my existing hardware of the Ender 3v2. One information that was missing was the can bus connector details (e.g. type and pinout). The manual  unfortunately doesn’t show the details. You could derive it from the schematics  but still isn’t very visual. On different sites i then found the type of connector (Molex Microfit 3.0 2x2 connector) which is supposed to be connected as follows:

BIGTREETECH EBB36 flash with Klipper shows File segment @0x08000000 error

While trying to flash the klipper firmware to an Bigtreetech EBB36, i ran into the following error: 1 2 3 4 5 6 23:29:04 : Erasing memory corresponding to segment 0: 23:29:04 : Not flash Memory : No erase done 23:29:04 : File segment @0x08000000 is not 255-bytes aligned. It will be aligned to @0x07FFFFF8 23:29:04 : Download in Progress: 23:29:05 : Error: failed to download Segment[0] 23:29:05 : Error: failed to download the File After fiddeling around a bit i finally stumbled across two solutions....