While setting up a new board on my 3D Printer, i had the requirement to run a move of a stepper without homing first. Initially i added the following directive to the printer.cfg of klipper:

enable_force_move: True

but that didn’t help until I manually set a kinematic position through the console:


Which is as per documentation  perfectly correct. Nevertheless I wanted to move without any previous checks or settings. For this I then worked through the documentation  where it actually is described correctly:

FORCE_MOVE STEPPER=<config_name> DISTANCE=<value> VELOCITY=<value> [ACCEL=<value>]

This command will forcibly move the given stepper the given distance (in mm) at the given constant velocity (in mm/s). If ACCEL is specified and is greater than zero, then the given acceleration (in mm/s^2) will be used; otherwise no acceleration is performed. No boundary checks are performed; no kinematic updates are made; other parallel steppers on an axis will not be moved. Use caution as an incorrect command could cause damage!

Just to reiterate: Use with Caution, it will move without any boundaries etc.