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Unifi Dream Router (UDR) shows internet offline but is online

My Unifi Dream router showed the internet status as offline since it had been upgraded to Unifi OS 3.x Per default the device tries to reach the address ping.ubnt.com which was reachable without any issues on the commandline of the device. Nevertheless i was not able to figure out why that doesn’t work. A thread on Reddit  finally told me the correct solution - it is possible to change the address....

Unifi Dream Router - Setup of podman

After having the new Unifi Dream Router for a while i had the desire to add additional services like NTP. For this you’ll need a container engine like podman which unfortunately isn’t pre-installed anymore. On-Boot Script Install the unifios-utilities according to instructions  : 1 curl -fsL "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/unifi-utilities/unifios-utilities/HEAD/on-boot-script/remote_install.sh" | /bin/sh The directory /mnt/data/on_boot.d should now be available. Unfortunately the filesystem layout has changed in Unifi OS 2.x, hence we need to move the directory to the internal SSD:...

Unifi Dream Router (UDR) - Setup of the NTP Server

After i had installed my new Unifi Dream Router i discovered after a while that the time of some of the devices in my network was screwed up. After a bit of research i found that the UDR (in contrast to my previous Unifi Gateway) doesn’t feature NTP. Hence i had a pretty timeless setup. Setup of podman The NTP server is setup in a container  , hence it is important to first setup podman on the UDR....

Homeassistant - Exposure of binary_sensor state to the KNX bus

Recently i wanted to expose a binary_sensor state from Homeassistant to the KNX bus of my home. For this i wrote a simple automation blueprint:

Unknown Command "M486" in Klipper - Superslicer

On Multi-Object Prints in Klipper, you might see the message: 1 Unknown Command "M486" To me that happened when i switched to Superslicer but it is easy to solve. Open Superslicer Open your Print Settings Search for “Label Objects” (should be in “Output Options”) Uncheck the tickbox That solves it ;)

Type Conversion from Int to Float in the Arduino Code

A couple days ago i played around with a SI7021 on my ESP8266 and recognized that the temperature output of the used Library  was given as an integer, so without a comma or dot for the separation of the decimal places. Like 2495 instead of 24,95°C. Not really problematic, but for using the numbers with MQTT it was relevant to convert it to the proper type which was “Float” Solution That is how this works:...

SAP HANA: check_pse_store.cc(00178) : Trying to add invalid certificate as part of own certificate PEM

If you try to manage your HANA certificates via SQL you might want to set the “OWN CERTIFICATE” where you come across the following error in your SQL Commandline: 1 2 Could not execute 'ALTER PSE HANA\_X509 SET OWN CERTIFICATE '-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- ...' SAP DBTech JDBC: [5634]: Certificate definition inconsistent Looking at the indexserver trace you will find: 1 2 [113263]{213394}[35/-1] 2016-05-24 15:44:56.384001 e Crypto check\_pse\_store.cc(00178) : Trying to add invalid certificate as part of own certificate PEM: exception 1: no....

SAP HANA virtualized on VMware vSphere

Today i found a helpful Link at SAP regarding the virtualization of SAP HANA on VMware vSphere: http://www.saphana.com/docs/DOC-3334 

SAP HANA SPS 10 What's New: SAP DB Control Center


Performance difference of SAP HANA on virtualization versus native

I just researched how much the difference between a virtualized versus a native Installation of SAP HANA might be in terms of performance. When looking at the different sites, i was finally able to be find a blog entry of VMware  where the author describes the result of the SAP BW-EML Benchmark which was run on native and virtual environments using a HP DL580 Gen8, 4 processors with 60 cores / 120 threads....