Firmwareupdate 01-17-101217-15-POP-403-000 für den Popcorn Hour A-110 ist erschienen

Mit diesem Firmwareupdate 01-17-101217-15-POP-403-000 wird die Firmware 01-17-100516-15-POP-403 ersetzt. In den Release-Notes finden sich bezüglich dieses Updates die folgenden Hinweise:


  1. Still same NMT apps 00-17-091216-15-POP-403
  2. NTFS driver update, now supporting NTFS write
  3. Added support for mkv prepend compression for h264 tracks
  4. Extended unicode string support for Hebrew Right-To-Left.
  5. Fixes for music Now Playing screen
    • Cover art image now is up to 2MB. Otherwise default image is shown
    • Fixed issue with image containing EXIF
    • Scale down large image when necessary for proper display.
  6. Fixed ID3 parser byte-skipping error that caused long delay when music playback.
  7. Added shuffle feature on music playback (all types of audio files).
    • Use Repeat key to toggle
    • only for music playback
    • does not work on UPnP or myiHome, works for SMB/NFS
  8. Fixed issue where Infobar is cleared when play next file in a playlist.
  9. Fix for WiFi issue: WPA-PSK / WPA2PSK[TKIP+AES] connection failure
  10. Reset subtitle settings when doing factory reset.
  11. Minor modification to IDX/SUB rendering
  12. Minor tweak for MKV DTS drop out issue.

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