Firmware 01-17-091022-15-POP-403-000 für den Popcorn Hour A-110

Gestern ist das Firmwareupdate 01-17-091022-15-POP-403-000 für den Popcorn A-110 erschienen. Als Nachfolger der Firmware 01-17-090204-15-POP-403 bringt das Update auch neue NMT-Applications mit.


Die Details:

1. New NMT apps, 00-17-091014-15-POP-403
2. Internet Radio link added in Web Services
3. Screensaver support during playback pause
4. non-JPEG rotation
5. Japanese subtitle support option
6. Remove „Audio */*: ***“ message at start of video playback (e.g. TS)
7. IDX/SUB support added
8. Image cache issue fix
9. workaround DirecTV UPnP crash issue
10. Fixed ISO with single subtitle track cannot display (QA#0528)
11. Turkish codepage bug fix
12. workaround MP3 volume soft after ISO/IFO playback (QA#0487)
13. TFixed copy small file from NTFS cause system crash
14. Fixed HDD icon on Media Source page occasionally disappearing
15. Fixed MP3 volume soft after DVD playback.
16. Added Dolby Digital disclaimer at [Maintenance] page.
17. Fixed Missing HDD/USB device entries from [Media Source] page.
18. Prevent multiple [Media Source] page refresh during startup process.
19. Fixed blank info in network share edit page, also missing remove button.
20. Fixed blank page when browse network share from network share page
21. Fixed wording „Scan complete“ appears at the top left corner after performing wifi scan.
22. Fixed VESA tv mode display either flickering or black screen.
23. Fixed Selecting AP „linksys28“ will have the SSID wrongly changed to „linksys28P1“
24. Fixed UPnPAV server detection issue after changing new hostname or restarting server.
25. Fixed Playback of BD-ripped M2TS (eg. movie „Taken“) causing system crash.
26. Fixed broken Kartina TV support.
27. Changed Japanese and Chinese (both simplified & traditional) translation of „Crop“ under „Video Zoom“ option in setup page.
28. Fixed volume automatically increased from „-15“ to „-14“ issue when playback the next item in a playlist.
29. Fixed refreshing server listing page shows corrupted page
30. Fixed vobsub crash when only idx file exist in the folder
31. Fixed vobsub load regardless of filename
32. Fixed vobsub positioning problem
33. Fixed twonkyserver photo slide show using low resolution
34. Added dynamic javascript loading
35. Known issue: multi-language vobsub not supported

Update wie immer über das Menü des Popcorn Hour A-110 oder über den Download auf einen USB-Stick

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